24 Keys is the premier Visual Learning system for the Violin, Viola and Cello. It's purpose is to teach the unique pattern of each scale, arpeggio, or Key in an easy to digest visual format.

The key to our learning system is ‘The Grid’. Imagine if we marked out all the notes in the Key by placing dots on the violin’s strings. If we then colored in the notes of the scale in blue, it would look something like this for a scale of A Major One Octave.

Violin fingering - scale

The Grid works exactly as in the picture above. The Grid just presents the information in a way that's a little easier to read.

Violin fingering chart - how it works

It’s a little bit like a guitar chord diagram turned on its side (or upside down if you're a cellist!). Our experience shows that violinists, violists, and cellists tend to learn better with The Grid this way around.

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