Customer Reviews

Ultimate Classroom Music Flash Cards - PDF
I thought these flashcards offered exceptional value for money, and its great to have all these in one place. The treble and bass staff, notation and rhythm cards are used in my lessons daily.
First Position Cello Fingering Chart Poster
Nice size poster, clear print. Really beneficial for memorizing the notes.
Circle of Fifths Classroom Poster
Arrived promptly. Well packaged A++
Double Bass Flash Cards -  PDF
Great idea. However, I purchased this PDF version thinking we could display the file on a tablet, but this doesn't work so well. One thing that isn't so clear when you look at the sample is that one side of the card is printed landscape and the other side is portrait. The PDF file is set up with every page landscape, so when you 'flip' the flashcard, the diagram showing the strings and fingering is sideways -- not very helpful. Now I have to print everything out, which defeats the purpose! ________________________________________ Response From Site Admin: Hi Jodie, As discussed, based on your feedback, we're happy to now offer an alternative version of the product. Both the original file, and a 'portrait only' version are now supplied to new customers. Many thanks for your help in making our products even better! Rich
22/04/2014J Reid
Bass Guitar Flash Cards -  PDF
Better than expected! A real and valuable learning aid.
Ultimate Classroom Music Flash Cards - PDF
Easily printed, and very handy. Download was immediate.
12/04/2014Carolyn Novak
24 Keys for Violin Book 1 - PDF Edition
Liked the diagrams plus the musical examples. The duets were a nice touch.
27/03/2014Matthew Young
Ultimate Classroom Music Flash Cards - PDF
A very well thought out set of cards, and very versatile in the classroom.
18/03/2014Kim Jefferson
Instruments of the Orchestra Flash Cards - PDF
I found these to contain crisp, detailed pictures of all the instruments, and the text on the back of each card is useful. The cards on each section of the orchestra is a nice touch.
18/03/2014Kim Jefferson
Circle of Fifths Classroom Poster
Nicely explained, and good, colorful poster. Thanks.
17/03/2014John Torres
Music Theory Poster Pack
A very nice set of posters - thanks.
17/03/2014John Torres
Piano and Keyboard Flash Cards -  PDF
I have just begun to teach toddlers. These cards are very useful. I just took a course on how to teach young children the piano. Thank you very much
03/11/2013Justin Vidad
Big Keyboard and Piano Chord Book - PDF Edition
Very handy to use, and easy to print.
05/09/2013Tom Brindley
24 Keys for Violin Book 1 - PDF Edition
Better than I expected. Clear and logical, and descriptions of how scale and arpeggio shapes relate to fingering, plus explanations of related scales and arpeggios throughout the book are extremely useful for consolidation of understanding.
11/08/2013HG Davies
Ultimate Classroom Music Flash Cards - Instant Download and CD-ROM
Good for teaching basic musical literacy. Rhythm flashcards proved to be a big hit!

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