Keyboard and Piano Chords

Our free Keyboard and Piano chords are taken from our Big Keyboard and Piano Chord Book. You'll find all the basic chords you need to learn. Our Chord Diagrams Explained: The Big Piano and Keyboard Chord Book presents over 500 keyboard and piano chords in our unique easy to read format. With large clear and concise diagrams, we show you all the keyboard chords you'll ever need to know in full color. Get started by finding the chord you wish to play.  


Quick tips: Is your chord not listed? Remember that... A♭ can also be written as G# B♭ can also be written as A# C# can also be written as D♭ E♭ can also be written as D# F# can also be written as G♭ ... so if the given chord is D♭maj7, substitute C#maj7 instead.. it's actually exactly the same chord!

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