A selection of our must-have violin fingering charts are downloadable for absolutely free! Get yours now.

We have now launched a new section of the site, offering free piano and keyboard chords for you to browse, taken from our 12 Notes range of products..

They are now available from the following link.

Keyboard and Piano Chords

Our free guitar chords are taken from the 6 Strings series of products. 6 Strings turns the guitar chord diagram on its side to enhance your visual learning

We're proud to announce our new range of classroom music flashcards. These professionally produced items are ideal for both classroom and peripatetic use.

We're adding to the range all the time, but for now we can offer flash cards covering the following areas:

View our complete range of Music Flash Cards here.

Our left handed guitar chordsare taken from our Big Left Handed Guitar Chord Book. We turn the traditional guitar chord diagram on its side to aid your visual learning.


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