First Position Cello Fingering Chart Poster

  • First Position Cello Fingering Chart Poster
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First Position Cello Fingering Chart Poster
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This full - colour Fingering Chart for the Cello is a valuable addition to any classroom or practice room, and is a bright and cheerful aid to practice.

It shows the fingering for every note in first position for the cellist. The lower half of the poster displays the position of each note on the staff/stave, with the cello fingering shown above.

Unlike many fingering charts out there, our Cello fingering chart shows the strings in the correct order as seen by the player, with the high A String on the left, and the low C String on the right. This makes it much easier to find the correct notes on the strings.

As a bonus, this poster also includes a diagram of the Cello, showing the names of each part of the instrument.


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